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Our school community is a place where students, staff and families are valued and respected. We work together to provide a safe, welcoming environment in which all students thrive and love to learn!


Have your child vaccinated to meet all immunization requirements. Certificate of Immunization Status must be filled out and turned in to the school for any new student, students with exemptions and transfers from out of state .
If you want a non-medical exemption for your child, complete the new process and turn in two forms:
  1. Certificate of Immunization Status – fill in the dates of any vaccines your child has received, fill out the non-medical exemption section by marking the vaccines for which you want the exemption, and then sign and date the exemption.
  2. Vaccine Education Certificate – you will get this certificate after completing the required education about immunizations from a health care practitioner or from the online vaccine education module. Parents must complete the portions of the module for every vaccine for which they are claiming exemption. The module can be found online at
  3. If you need a medical exemption for your child, get a letter from your child’s physician with the information stated on the Certificate of Immunization Status form. Turn in the letter to your child’s school. Medical exemptions are reviewed and approved by the health department.

Below are our vaccination exemption rates:
 March 2019 Vaccination Rates for 198 students
Please visit for more information about non-medical exemptions.

Arthur Academy does not discriminate in any of its programs, procedures, or practices against any person on the basis of age, citizenship, color, disability, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under the law.